#Sunshine City



You are ever awake as your name states


Harare the one who never sleeps

In the dust of your townships we grew up

We called it the ghetto and still do

Playing street soccer hoping to become stars

Motivated by all the Ronaldo of Brazil

Bricks and wire where our toy cars

Your streets were ever our highways

Real cars we only rode during the weekend

Looking dusty barefooted with a smile was our norm


We reminisce on the times we went into the city center

Just how marvelous the moments were

Suited in Sunday best wearing innocent smiles

Ohhh the times when your lights would shine and shine

Making day out of nights

After a day at the children’s park


Our brothers have shunned you Harare

They have left for Joburg, London, Chicago, and Tokyo

Yet you remain to some of us a home sweet home

As the sun rises on you each day

Even night cannot take away your joy Harare


You remain the business hub that we ever wished for

You remain sweet Harare even to the latter generation

For in your center they they always make a endeavor

Dressed in dress-tops, skinny jeans and stilettos

What a home you are to us Harare

Harare you rock

The sunshine city you ever remain


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