My Best Friend

As the rains pour down

I watch outside my window

Pondering on all that you are

My God your love for me is as the rains

Breaking forth out of the Heavens

So endless no-one can ever measure

The height, breadth or depth


Inside my spirit cries, I shed a tear

Overwhelmed by the love with which you love me

For countless times I have gone astray

Yet your hand of mercies is ever outstretched

You are the father whose son spent the inheritance

Away in far country with bad company

Shamed, upon return

You would not count his transgression

Instead a Prince’s rob and ring you put on him

With an embrace of welcome showing your love

A fatted ox for him you killed


Surely you say

Though my sins are like scarlet

You will make them white as snow

Though they be red like crimson

You will make them white as wool

Lord I come to reason with you

Wash me as the rains wash the Earth

By your own Spirit that is in me

Let my heart be glad in you Lord

My God, my refuge, my strength

My best friend


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