Children @ PLAY

Children at Play

A different world altogether
Where birds circle in the sky seemingly to warn danger
Yet nestlings twitt in gladness
Never wondering about the heavy rains, the storm or some unlikely earthquake

A quake looms, yet little birds play attempting to fly as if they do not know
As if they do not know that without the nest they would fall to the ground against hard rock

Young chicks never worry about some sort of famine because they are immune
Their stomachs are immune from death caused by hunger

So they make the loudest noise knowing
Knowing something that father and mother duck seem not to know
They seem not to know that whether or not the lake dries out
The sun will bow down to dusk and rise up the next day bright at dawn

Father duck and mother duck seem to be the only ones confused
Flapping wings round and about
They are the only ones whose noises are without a melody
Worrying about drought yet the sky looks heavy and the rains will flood the nest

So the little ducklings have no problem with a destroyed home
In exchange of abundant rains
Outpours of God’s blessings
So they are the only ones who know the meaning of seasons
The blessing of the sun which makes flowers and plants and weeds and trees to grow

Poor father duck and mother duck
Great news for the small birds
The floods are going to destroy everything
But the ducklings have a place in Noah’s Ark.

Inspired by Dominic Benhura’s piece Children @ Play


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